FEBRUARY 8th, 2018 • Roaring Fork Club (PAST EVENT)
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Speakers: Kelly Alford – Graphic Designer working toward sustainable manufacturing methods, Chelsea Congdon Brundige – Water policy strategist, Bob Clark – Successful Entrepreneur with a purpose, Dick Durrance – Acclaimed Photographer
Location & Contact: 100 Arbaney Ranch Rd, Basalt | (970) 927-9000

The fourth BTalks installment, was hosted by and located at, the Roaring Fork Club. View a recording of the event.

What is BTalks?

Who created B Talks?
B Talks is entirely grass roots and citizen-based, created out of the desire to have a fresh and exciting platform for community interaction. Founding partners include:
The Basalt Chamber of Commerce, The Art Base, Rocky Mountain Institute,
Roaring Fork Conservancy, Habitat Restore, The Aspen Skiing Company, Valley
View Hospital, The Basalt Regional Library, The Element Hotel, English in Action, Esse Design, Aspen Community Foundation, Valley Settlement Project, Willits Town Center, and others.

For press interests and for more information, please
send us an email.

NOVEMBER 9th, 2017 • The Temporary (PAST EVENT)
5:30pm to 7:00pm

Speakers: Ruthie Brown and Mona Newton, "Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy- finding common ground to solve the climate crisis"; Suzanne Jackson "Accessing the Wild in Southeast Alaska"; Kyle Coon - Eyeronvision​
Location & Contact: The Temporary, 360 Market Street, Basalt | (970) 510-5365

The third BTalks installment, was hosted by and located at, The Temporary in Basalt.

Where can I learn more?

Information on upcoming events will be available on this website and at Facebook.com/BTalksforBasalt. Events and agendas will also be promoted on posters throughout the mid-valley, the Basalt Chamber website and e-newsletter, as well as local online event calendars in the Aspen Times, Aspen Daily News, Sopris Sun, and Glenwood Post Independent.

How can I get involved?

JOIN US: Attend B Talk events. SUBMIT TO BECOME A SPEAKER: Email BTalksforBasalt@gmail.com, or post to our Facebook page. Please include your name, contact information, and topic of expertise or interest.

SAVE THE DATE • August 9, November 8, 2018 & February 14, 2019. 
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Speakers: TBD

A series of several short community
conversations together with a social
gathering to discuss and engage
around interesting and fun topics.
Subjects will mirror the diverse
ideas, perspectives, and talents that
make up our incredible community.

AUGUST 10th, 2017 • The Art Base (PAST EVENT) 
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Speakers: Mauricio Sosa, Young Entrepreneur; Assaf Dory, "Why I live in Basalt”; Shirly Tipton, "My Failures in Leadership"
Location & Contact: 99 Midland Spur, Basalt | (970) 927-4123

The second BTalks installment, was hosted by and located at The Art Base. 

​Free and open to everyone*, each BTalk will be
hosted at rotating locations throughout Basalt
and crafted to highlight one common theme
unique to each event. Carefully selected
speakers will discuss their topic and encourage
thoughtful discussion.​

*Most appropriate for adults and students age 16 or older.

and engage
or simply get
to know your

MAY 10th, 2018 • The Temporary
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Speakers: Katie Hone Wiltgen, Director of Education and Community Programming for Aspen Music Festival and School; Leticia Ingram, 2016 Colorado Teacher of the Year; Marlene Manown, First Female Instructor for Colorado Outward Bound

Location & Contact: The Temporary, 360 Market Street, Basalt | (970) 510-5365

“We have a wealth of insight and
creativity in our own background
that is just begging for the
opportunity to be shared,” said
Scott Gilbert, B Talks spokesperson.

“The idea behind B Talks is to take
people out of our day-to-day dialogues, and elevate the conversation to showcase this community’s uniqueness, intellectual curiosity, and simply have fun.”

MAY 18th, 2017 • Rocky Mountain Institute (PAST EVENT)
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Speakers: Greg Rucks, Rocky Mountain Institute; Steev Wilson, Forum Phi Architecture;Adele Matthee, Growing Years School; The Brinks, local high school band
Location & Contact: 22830 Two Rivers Rd, Basalt | (970) 927-3851

At the inaugural BTalks, we heard Bold Moves: The New Face of Mobility with
Greg Rucks, Better Buildings: Architecture that is Different by Design with Steev
Wilson, Being What You Want When You Grow Up with Adele Matthee, and
The Brink: The Story and Music of a Local High School Band.